Improve Your Indoor Air Quality of Your Home

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality of Your Home

Take advantage of duct cleaning services in Jackson, Milan & Medina, TN and the surrounding areas

Help it perform better by turning to Performance Heating & Cooling for duct cleaning services.

We'll remove the dust, pollen and pet dander from the ducts so you can take a deep breath of fresh, clean air.

Call now to arrange for air duct cleaning services in Jackson, Medina and Milan, TN and the nearby areas.

Lets talk about breathing clean air in your home.


  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Pet hair & dander
  • Pollen
  • Remodeling/Construction debris
  • Dust Mites
  • Rodent/Insect remains or feces
  • Other allergens

"In some cases, indoor air can be worse than outdoor air. EPA has ranked indoor air pollution one of the top 5 environmental risks to the public."
(W.Calhoun MD, Professor of Medicine University of Texas)

Testimonials from past customers on their air duct cleaning and benefits they have noticed.

I was having allergy problems and thought it would help if I had my air ducts cleaned. I checked on Home Advisor and they recommended Performance Heating and Cooling. They came yesterday and completed the job and I could not have been more satisfied with their work ethic, they were fast, clean and efficient.They had to move several items to get to my vents but they put everything back in order. They also showed me pictures of my HVAC unit that had been clogged. I'm changing over to Performance for my HVAC maintenance and cleaning from now on. They have a new customer now!
K. Hills

From the first phone call to the work done this crew makes you feel like family! They were just as concerned about my situation as I was. Dust problem fixed!
C. Reuter

These gentlemen were so helpful and informative. They went above and beyond with their "diagnosis" of our issues, but they didn't push any services on us . They explained everythingvery thoroughly, gave us the best solution for our humidity and dust issue, and were able to schedule the service quickly.
J. Claybrooks

Hypervac equipment creates a negative air pressure while using the "push and pull" method. Starting at the furthest vent, dust and debris is pushed and agitated with vacuum equipment until it reaches the furnace. The professional team of Performance Heating and Cooling will provided a complete duct cleaning, "leaving your home feeling fresh and clean."


How often should air ducts be cleaned?
Air ducts should be professionally cleaned every 4-5 years, more if you have inside pets. Addtionally to duct cleaning, it is recommended to have your heating and cooling unit professionally cleaned twice a year.

What's the normal price I can expect to pay for professional air duct cleaning
The cost can range from $595.00 -$1295.00 per system. Major factors include: The service requested. The size of the system. The number and location of vents. The level of debris. Accessibility of air ducts.

How long should it take?
Average size home will require 3-5 hours for two technicians. However, our technicians will stay as long as necessary to throughly clean the entire system.

Signs that an air duct cleaning service is needed.

  • Notice excess dust
  • Vacuum more often
  • Recent construction
  • Recently moved in
  • Seasonal allergies
  • Respiratory issues
  • Indoor pets
  • Musty odor or smell