Performance Heating & Cooling - Energy Savings Agreement

Energy Savings Agreement

The best way to help avoid costly repair bills and get more life out of your system is to have it cleaned and maintained.

Yearly Maintenance Checklist

  • Clean outdoor coil

  • Brush clean indoor coil

  • Ecotreat indoor coil

  • Replace filters

  • Flush & clean drain line

  • Proper lubrication of motors and fan bearings

  • Verify accuracy of thermostat

  • Inspect blower and fan assembly

  • Verify all electrical connections are tight and in good condition

  • Test capacitors, controls, switches, relays, transformers, contactors, motors, & fans

  • Test system starting capability

  • Inspect safety controls

  • Refrigerant pressures & temperatures

  • Clean burner compartment, burners, & orifices

  • Test gas manifold pressures

  • Clean leaves and debris from unit

  • Inspect for air leaks on duct system

  • Inspect condition of heat exchanger, carbon monoxide barrier

  • Test for the presence of carbon monoxide throughout the home


Our Energy Savings Agreement will keep your system operating efficiently to help you save money on your electric bill. In addition, we will keep your system clean and maintained to help prevent unnecessary breakdowns and prolong the life of your system.

With this program you will receive two cleanings per year and 15% off any repairs, should your Air Conditioning and Heating system have a breakdown.

Bi-Annual Cleaning

A majority of breakdowns are due to either a dirty indoor evaporator coil or a dirty outdoor condensor coil. Dirty coils are a big factor in causing compressors and fan motors to go bad.

Dirty coils also lower your systems performance, causing a higher electric bill. That is why utility companies, and the manufacturer of your equipment, recommend that maintenance be done on your system twice a year.

What to expect upon our arrival

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  • You will be greated with a smile
  • We wear shoe covers to ensure your floors stay clean
  • Up-front pricing so that there will be no surprises
  • You can count on us for quality repair and affordable pricing

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